Since you are on the game page, I suppose you like games! All the games on this page will require you to click the green flag to start them, and many need the green flag to play or watch again. In addition you must allow flash to work in order to play anything click the "THIS PAGE" in blue text to allow flash.

Press space for a new random string of words.

Use the arrow keys to move up and down

Just follow the instructions!

Just follow instructions!

Just follow the instructions!

For this game follow all the directions, beware of the dragon is not and instruction!

For this game simply click the object you would like your monkey to use.

Just watch for this one

Follow in the direction in the game for this one!

Drag you mouse around here arnd answer the questions

Click and drag your mouse around in this game!

Press the space key to continue, then use the up key to flap! If you die, press space to come back as a gost!

Just watch in this game

Here are the links to the games in case the games are loading too slowly:
  1. 5 word poem generator
  2. Powerpuff Girls
  3. Angry Birds
  4. Wizard of Oz
  5. HappyMeter
  6. BLOBIE!!
  8. Burrito Adventures
  9. Scratch Cat Parkour Platformer
  10. Mouse trail
  11. Unicorn Craze!
  12. Flappy Baby Blue
  13. I like cows