Learn to code! Websites like Scratch or Neocites provide endless opportunities to learn a new coding language. From HTML to Javascript to block based coding there is something for everyone. And with the endless expansion of computers it could be a useful skill to learn!

Learn some sign language! Sign language is fun and easy to learn. It could be a useful skill in the future. Just learning the alphabet is worth it, even just for signing to your friends in class. Youtube has lots of resources for this! Rochelle Barlow has some great videos. Check them out here!

Read a book! Any book will do. Be it fantasy or non-fiction a book is a great way to pass the time. You might even learn something! Books can be funny, dramatic or just plain weird. And the best thing is there's something for everyone. Whether you like robots or superheros, princesses or fairies, talking animals or mermaids, you can read about just about anything!

Listen to a podcast! There are all kinds of podcasts, from talkshows to scripted. Maximumfun.org is a good place to start, Judge John Hodgeman and Sawbones are some good more family freindly podcasts. If you want something a little more adult, anything involving the McElroy brothers will be right up your alley. Venturing outside of Maximum Funs doors, My Little House on the Podcast is hilarious and Night Vale is delightfully creepy, while being short enough to slip into your day. Fill your walks, commutes, and rainy days with pocasts!

Take a walk! Even just a quick jaunt around the block can help clear your head. And if you're feeling adventurous, go further! You'd be surprised to how little of your neighborhood you really know. Add some headphones and you can spend your walk listening to music, an audio book, or a podcast. But if you're not feeling it, a walk can be a great time to be alone with your thoughts. So hit the streets and explore your town!

Take a bath! You need to take time to care for yourself, and a bath, or even just a quick shower, is a great way to relax and just let your stress flow away with the water. Put on some music, grab your bath bombs and bubbles and just let the stress of the day float away with the bubbles. After you're clean, put on your fluffiest pajamas. You'll feel better, trust me.

Drink water! I know this sounds dumb, but think back. When was the last time you had a good drink of water? Dehydration can make you dizzy, tired, and give you a killer headache. Even if you think you drink a lot of water, you can always drink more. Humans are 70% water, and we need to drink way more than most people think. In this vein, taking a nap is another good idea. Most people get hours less than the recomended amount of sleep every night. When you don't get enough sleep you feel groggy all day. Even just a twenty minute nap can help you feel more awake and less like a sleepwalking monster.

Go to a playground! As childish it may seem, a playground can make you feel a lot better. The swings are a great way to cool off. They can make you feel alot calmer. The rhythem of going back and forth always makes me feel better. Also, just the nostagia of being at a playground is very nice as well. And there is often a playground or even just a swingset near you!

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